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The first half of this episode picks up where the last left off, giving insight into the Ka’u lineage of Hawaiian mysticism previously held secret from the outside world. The second half takes a turn into questions that, until now, have not been asked about the "alien abduction" phenomenon–questions that tie into the nature of languages born from heart and brain-based cultures. If it’s time for abduction research to turn the page, researchers should start here.

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  1. Show ends after 6:48, in the
    Show ends after 6:48, in the middle of Jeremy’s discussion.

  2. Yes, I think this is a
    Yes, I think this is a corrupted file. The nonsubscriber version goes about 29 minutes.

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    It looks like the problem with the subscriber audio has been fixed now.

  4. I have always been fascinated
    I have always been fascinated by double meanings in words, that a seemingly innocuous phrase can have a hidden intention or meaning behind it. When I listen to people talking, or during a conversation, as long as I can remember, I have always been much less interested in ‘what’ was said but more ‘how’ it was said…concentrating on the subtext, the real meaning behind the words. This sometimes used to extent to the point where someone would not even have to speak and I seemed to be able to pick up things about them, that had not been overtly communicated…almost like a hidden language that not too many people seemed to ‘hear’. It started with picking up body language, but then extended to a level where I cannot explain, even to myself, where the information is coming from. I guess you could just call it intuition?

    Regarding language, I remember reading a fascinating book called ‘The Language of the Birds’ by William Henry, where he suggested that words with similar sounds, when you look at their underlying meaning, are related, or seem to be related on a deeper level. That seemed to suggest a more fundamental level of communication upon which our current language sits, almost like a facade. As an example, just off the top of my head (not from the book)…the word ‘birds’ and ‘herds’ sound alike…but both evoke an image, or notion of many flocking, or gathering together as one…and the singular word ‘bird’ evokes the sound of bird song…and the word ‘herd’, sounds like ‘heard’…which again represents a notion of hearing something. It feels strange but also that there is a hidden truth to it, that is just out of reach.

    And this hidden language, or layer of meaning, seems to be embroiled from what I can gather, in the visitor’s communications. Whitley has said quite often that these communications can always be interpreted in several ways, much in the same way as allegorical stories from the Bible or wherever contain a basic story, in which is contained a deeper truth that speaks to us, bypassing the mind and moving straight onto the heart, or soul; With the added twist that these truths often seem to be applicable, not only to the wider human experience but also to something which is happening in our lives right at the moment we hear the hidden message. Like it has a fractal quality about it.

    So what Jeremy was talking about regarding hypnosis as being a means by which to make a logical interpretation of a deeper more complex truth makes real sense. As has been mentioned many times before, when you wonder how a cat would interpret a trip to the Vet, it would have no concept of a deeper purpose for being there. The experience and memory would be of just fear and the pain of the injection. So, in the same way that language can have multiple contiguous meanings, or interpretations…it seems it is possible to have the same layers present within actions…but how is it possible to ensure that the recipient understands the hidden meaning, or intention? I suppose that depends on the skill of the sender and the willingness (or skill) of the receiver to see those multiple levels for what they are.

    As with William Henry’s book, there was a feeling that he was describing a symbolic, sacred level of higher communication. Is that the level the visitors communicate on?…and any misinterpretation or colouring of the message is purely down to us?

  5. Sherbet,
    I have a copy of

    I have a copy of William’s ‘The Language of the Birds’, and it is a very interesting read. Beyond ‘The Language of the Birds’, studying symbolism is highly important as well.

    But what is ‘the language of the heart?’ That’s a tough one, and just saying it is ‘love’ doesn’t describe it either.

    For my money, the closest I can come to ‘the language of the heart’ is The Golden Rule, or treating all beings as we wish to be treated. I have actually been studying reciprocity for a while, and I have compiled a growing list from religious, spiritual, and philosophical sources, and double-checking various translations too. I plan on posting the list in the future on my website, but I still have more research to do. There are compilations on many websites and books already, but I find that they are all incomplete, based on more information that I have found on my own. If there is some kind of ‘universal truth’, it may be the Golden Rule.

    So, why The Golden Rule? With The Golden Rule, no feeling of love is required. Furthermore, you do not even have to like the person or being to practice it. However, by practicing it in a way that includes NO resentment, judgment, or expectations of reward, it could transform you. You could even be fearful of the being and still practice it. It is about doing the right thing in an unselfish way that is detached from ego (And it involves thoughts as well as actions). And, yep, it is really hard to master. We are living in a time, right now, that is challenging us. Much of what we are experiencing in the USA, and the world today, is all about this, and the situations and people that rub us the wrong way the most, that make us angry and want to lash out, are challenging us all to be better people. This also speaks to some of our highly strange experiences, both the good and the ‘bad’ encounters and the entities that we may encounter. It speaks to how we should treat the Earth and all living things, and it may also speak to Jeremy’s observations about The Trickster.

    Practicing The Golden Rule gives compassion legs to walk on, and may open the heart in unexpected ways…(AND it does not mean that we simply roll over and allow others to walk all over us either).

    My two cents…:-)

  6. Thanks, Jeremy. Some really
    Thanks, Jeremy. Some really good info in this one, especially as regards the timing of events that have to take place on their own time and can’t be rushed–similar to Egyptian thought, as well as not breaking the intensity of concentration while performing a task.

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