Studies have shown that attractive people get more attention. Beautiful women, for instance, get promoted more often. But when it comes to APPLYING for the job, sex roles are reversed: Women who attached an attractive photo to their resumes got fewer interviews than men who did the same thing. The researchers think this may be due to the "dumb-blonde hypothesis."

Or it may be because personnel departments are almost always staffed by women. Could they be wary of letting an attractive rival in?
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If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to do something about your facial lines and wrinkles, be warned: It turns out that muscle-freezing Botox injections not only stay with you, they MIGRATE and affect muscles that you might not effected–it makes them TWITCH.

It turns out that Botox, which is injected into facial wrinkles and lines, has previously unsuspected effects on muscles other than the ones it’s injected into–even muscles distant from the injection site. In addition, Botox seems to cause twitching.
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In her new diary, Anne Strieber says, “Whenever I mentionthe title of my bookAnInvisible Woman to any woman over 40, she instantly says,’Oh, I know how THAT feels!’ It happened to me. One day Iwoke up and I was invisible. Men bumped into me on thestreet as if I wasn?t there. I was twirled around inrevolving doors. I started fighting back and eventually hadto call my lawyer after I kicked a man who cut ahead of mein line at the deli.” To learn more about Anne Strieber’sexciting newthriller,click here.

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Women today are thankful that have birth control so they can avoid having too many children to care for. David W. Tschanz writes that, contrary to popular belief, women in the past knew a lot about contraception. In order to get the right information, you just had to know where to look.

For instance, there’s a 2,500-year-old Greek coin that shows a woman sitting in a chair, holding a plant in one hand and pointing to her genitals with the other. The ancient people who used this coin knew it refers to a plant called silphion by the Greeks and silphium by the Romans, that was an herbal morning-after pill.
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