We all love a good monster movie, don’t we, even if it’s viewed with just one eye open from behind the safety of our sofas?

Year after year, Hollywood favourites such as Count Dracula and the Wolfman, and other classic fiendish figures continue to draw crowds of eager horror-movie-lovers. But when and where did our preoccupation with the "bogeyman" arise? Is there any basis in truth to the stories of mythical monsters?

Greg McDonald, director of forensic medicine at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, says that like many myths and scary stories, both Dracula and the Wolfman stemmed from a poor understanding of medical maladies.
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A disabled Nigerian boy who was adopted and raised by chimpanzees for 18 months is now in a children?s home. He has been named Bello by the nursing staff. He was brought to them six years ago by hunters after being found with a chimpanzee family in a nearby forest.

They think he was about two years old when he was discovered. Bello is probably the son of nomadic ethnic Fulani people who travel through the region, says Abba Isa Muhammad, the home?s child welfare officer.
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