In order to know that, we need to know how many whales were in the oceans 200 years ago, BEFORE the industrial whaling era. One way to do this is to measure whale songs, but how can we listen to sounds that no longer exist?

Two researchers have managed to do that by using whaling records to estimate how loud whale sounds were 50 years ago, compared to today, by analyzing whaling records, assigning sound levels to the number of whales killed, and comparing those sound records to the CURRENT ocean racket. They have come to the conclusion that the ocean is much louder today, now that most whaling has become illegal.
read more customer Melissa Sehgal has created a petition calling for the world’s largest online retailer to permanently ban the sale of whale and dolphin meat on its site. So far it’s gotten over 9,000 signatures.

A report published by the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) and Humane Society International states Amazon was selling marine mammal meat, in the form of over 100 cetacean food products, on it’s website Amazon Japan before February 22.
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