WASHINGTON, April 17 (AFP) – A freak wave towering areported 21 meters (70 feet) struck a luxury cruise ship inthe mid-Atlantic, forcing the 2,200-passenger capacity shipto port for repairs in South Carolina over the weekend.The 965 foot Norwegian Dawn was sailing for NewYork from Miami and the Bahamas when the wave struck lateFriday, smashing two windows and flooding 62 cabins, saidNorwegian Cruise Lines, the ship’s owner. Four passengerswere injured with cuts and bruises. The New York Daily Newsreported that the wave was almost 70 feet high. “The safetyand integrity of the ship was in no way compromised by thisincident,” the company said in a statement.read more

We recently wrote about abig wave thatwill inevitably drown the East Coast of the U.S.?but nobodyknows when it will come. This will happen when a collapsingvolcano in the Canary Islands finally drops into the sea.But now oceanographer Russell Wynn says, “?If you drop abrick into a bath [tub] you get a big splash, but if youbreak that brick up into several pieces and drop them in oneby one, you get several small splashes. Therefore amulti-stage failure would certainly not generate tsunamiscapable of damaging the coastlines of southern England orthe American east coast….”
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