Four years ago, we reported that taking too many vitamins may be bad for you. Now scientists are saying that taking certain vitamins may shorten your lifespan and make you more likely to get cancer.

BBC News reports that a study in Denmark reveals that antioxidant vitamins such as A E and C may actually increase the risk of early death. Beta-carotene produced an approximate 7% increased risk of death, vitamin E a 4% increase and vitamin A, a 16% increase. The researchers say, “Considering that 10% to 20% of the adult population in Europe and North America may consume the supplements, the public health consequences may be substantial.”

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Not enough sunlight exposure in pregnant women can lead to their children developing schizophrenia. Vitamin D (the sunshine vitamin) has also been shown to help prevent breast cancer (which would explain why there is more breast cancer among women who work the night shift. This would also explain why certain cancers have become more common today, when a greater number of people stay indoors all day.
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Scientists have discovered that essential nutrients, such as vitamin D, can attract the opposite sex?at least if you’re a lizard. It may work that way for humans as well.

Louisa Cheung writes in BBC news that when scientists fed vitamin D to male rock lizards, they attracted more females. This could be because females are naturally attracted to males who are in good health because they make better mates. It’s the same reason that female birds are attracted to brightly-color plumage in males, since this is a sign of a healthy bird.

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The proposed European Union ban on as many as 5,000 widelyused vitamin products has been declared illegal in theEuropean Court of Justice. The court’s main legal adviserhas declared the ban “invalid.”

According to an advocate-general at the European Court ofJustice, the ban would violate European Union principals oflegal protection.

The rules, advocated by the drug industry, were designed totighten controls over health foods and supplements, and drawthem into the general area of drug controls.
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