You’ve probably heard it said–or experienced firsthand–that we can invite Visitor phenomena into our lives. But should we? Is it wise to open the door to the unknown? This is the conversation I expected to have with Karen Cavalli, author of Let Them In: 30 Years of Secret Experiences. However, this was not what she meant by letting them in.

What she means is far richer and involves a refreshingly elegant approach to all paranormal experiences across the board. Brace yourself. Discussions this good are why The Experience exists!
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Is there a link between visitors and the dead? Is there a biological link between the experiencer and visitor phenomena? These are the questions taken up by guest Rob MacGregor. His new book Bump In The Night: Ghosts, Spirits and Alien Encounters presents cases that force us to rethink whether the boundaries between paranormal and "alien" experiences exist, or if we placed them there to make sense of it all.

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All Hallows is a very special season. It is much more that simply dressing up in costumes and watching scary movies. This week, Whitley Strieber honors both the close encounter experience and the moment when the veil between the worlds grows thin by revealing some new material about his early close encounter experiences that have made him think deeply about the whole meaning of the experience and exactly what is happening. There is a dark side to it, no question, and he makes some chilling revelations about how it impacted his own life. But this is a very deep thing that is happening. To embrace it as ‘good’ or ‘evil’ is not the right path to more

Scientists ignore the evidence of visitors to our planet on the assumption that the distances between stars are so great they they could never get here, but new research suggests that something like a ‘warp drive’ may be possible. If so, then the argument is over. The overwhelming evidence of credible UFO sightings and witness testimony must be taken as serious evidence of an alien more