It’s a day full of flowers here in Southern California. Evening is slipping down from a gentle sky, the light slow and soft, and I am traveling along the deep memory road.

I have been looking through our Valentines, Darling. I find that I have about thirty of them, going all the way back to the first year.

They draw me down the shadowed path to those days, recalling your bright voice in the eternity of youth and the magic that you spoke, and the deeper magic you said with your eyes. We were so happy, two little outsiders who had done the impossible: we had found someone who wanted us.

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If you want to get married, you need to learn to be a good kisser (OTHER things can come AFTERWARDS). But some couple find that kissing each other produces ALLERGIC reactions.

Allergist Sami Bahna says, "If you have food allergies, having an allergic reaction immediately after kissing someone who has eaten the food or taken oral medication that you are allergic to isn’t highly unusual. It turns out that their partners’ saliva is excreting the allergen hours after the food or medicine has been absorbed by their body."
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Why February 14? Is it because it’s so cold, and thus a good time to cuddle under the blankets? There’s much more to it that that.

Psychologist Galdino Pranzarone knows all about the origin, history and symbolism of Valentine’s Day. He says, “February has been the traditional time of year when, after the winter solstice and during the apparent lengthening of daylight period, many animals?with us humans among them?begin the yearly frenzy of spring mating and reproduction. The Romans held love and fertility celebrations in February. These were called the Lupercalia, a time of love, eroticism and sexual license.
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