A UK-based rocket propulsion company has announced that it has started construction on a large nuclear fusion-propelled rocket that is intended to substantially shorten the travel time for a manned mission to our planetary neighbors. The construction of this type of engine is a risky gamble, as it relies onread more

What’s to say about 2020 except that the pandemic and a world of political upheavals distracted us from the ongoing environmental crisis? However, a few things DID happen that are worth remembering and perhaps are setting 2021 up to be interesting in a  better way. The good news is thatread more

The Climate Watch section of Unknowncountry.com was updated this week, and indicates that exceptional heat is gripping the whole northern hemisphere, even as intense cold affects the southern. Dangerous drought conditions are affecting the Southwestern US and the Horn of Africa, and if these droughts do not break by October, there will be serious water shortages in the US and a catastrophic failure of viability in Ethiopia. The high Arctic is experiencing exceptional polar melt and the Gulf Stream continues to weaken at this time.
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