update – The sensational story that a meeting had taken place at the United Nations among the G8 countries concerning a possible change to a policy of disclosure in 2009 now may have been, according to the president of the French national UFO research organization, “a fiction.”
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The government meeting on UFO disclosure that Whitley wrote about in his latest journal took place at the United Nations on February 12-14 and involved a number of representatives from the G8 countries, the papacy and three US senators.

Representatives of the US Air Force and the US National Guard were in attendance as well. The meeting was instigated by the senators because of the high level of UFO activity now being seen in the world.

At the meeting, it was decided to consider changing the approach to this matter in 2009 if sightings continue at their present high rate. Specifically, it would be stated that UFOs represent a genuine unknown that is worthy of scientific study, and they may well be guided by a non-human intelligence.
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UPDATE – While officials from major countries such as Canada to Japan are openly admitting the existence of UFOs, an economist who was a Cato Institute scholar for 20 years was kicked out after suggesting that the think tank study UFOs. Read to the end for update from Dom Armentano.

In the TC Palm website, Dom Armentano writes, “?They cut me away in a heartbeat because I dared call for more government disclosure on the UFO phenomenon.” This happened immediately after he wrote an article in a newspaper titled “Intelligent Extraterrestrial life: The Other Inconvenient truth?”
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A UFO museum and space observatory are being built in an area of Russia known for its UFO activity. The Russian news agency Pravda reports that the complex will cost 5 million dollars. Visitors who want to look for UFOs will be able to rent cottages on the grounds.

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