William Henry has just returned from James Gilliland’s famed ECETI ranch where he has had a remarkable experience. Listen as the roles are reversed on Revelations, and he tells Whitley Strieber what happened to him at this famed place of paranormal and UFO contact. Not to be missed!

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Worldwide! – There’s a virtual tidal wave of UFO disclosure going on, now that countries like the UK, Denmark, Sweden, Uruguay, Russia, and New Zealand are releasing their classified UFO documents. In fact, News 3 in New Zealand reports that their version of the TV show “60 minutes” recently disclosed evidence that, in effect, proves UFOs are real (Now if we can only stop governments from shooting them down!)
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Dreamland interview this weekend! – We’ve all heard of cattle mutilations and some of us even know about cat mutilations (especially if they follow Linda Howe’s reports). In his graphic novel “The Nye Incidents,” Whitley wrote a fictionalized version of a series of HUMAN mutilations that a US coroner told him about. Now it seems as if human mutilations may be taking place in Indonesia. Learn the details this week on Dreamland!

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You couldn’t make something like this up: A German academic believes that the reason Voyager 2, an unmanned probe that has been in space for more than 30 years, has started sending out strange messages that are confusing scientists, is because it has been taken over by extraterrestrial life.
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