This summer was an amazing time for UFO sightings, with reports from all over the world. These include videos from Australia, Canada and a video of strange beings from Arizona. In a Russian video, missile morphs into a UFO in mid-flight. UFOs have been seen in the Bronx, Cleveland and more

When Obama first took office, there was hope that he would reveal what the government knows about UFOs, but he turned out to be an advocate of the secrecy laws in the Patriot Act that was passed during the last administration–which may even be unconstitutional.
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An Austrian company has created a new type of aircraft to replace the helicopter–a plane that flies like a UFO (but it’s not there yet, and if you fly on it, you’ll still have to go through airport security). It can approach as gently and silently as a hot air balloon, hover, rotate in any direction and fly as fast as a jet. These are all things that witnesses have seen UFOs do. Was this new craft inspired by UFO sightings and encounters?read more