When Richard Dolan, author of the superb history “UFOs andthe National Security State,” was on Dreamland July 20, hereminded us that 50 years ago, UFOs flying over WashingtonD.C. were seen by many credible witnesses and the event wasreported in newspapers nationwide. Anne Strieber speculatesabout why the media no longer reports on UFO sightings. Toread Anne’sDiary,click here.

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Those of us who have studied UFOs for many years arefamiliar with the researcher Dr. Jacques Vallee, who wroteground-breaking books on the subject such as Passport toMagonia. Vallee retired from the UFO world about 10 yearsago for unknown reasons, perhaps due to fatigue brought onby UFO infighting, perhaps due to frustration with being arigorous scientist in a field known for its second-ratescience that is scorned by the media and the scientificestablishment. Now he?s back with an introduction to the newedition of Richard Dolan?s book, UFOs and the NationalSecurity State. To have an introduction by Jacques Valleeis a great honor for Dolan and means that his book is seenas important by a scientist who has done some of the mostimportant work in the field.read more

Dr. Bruce Maccabee writes, “Fifty years ago, during the mostamazing flap of flying saucer sightings in the USA (and theworld), the Air Force almost admitted that at least somesightings of UFOs/saucers were sightings of objects not madehere. However, when that opportunity arose during a largepress conference in late July, instead of admitting that theAir Force couldn’t explain all sightings and that some ?highofficials? were seriously considering the ?interplanetaryhypothesis,? the Air Force (General Samford) said everythingcould be explained as natural phenomena, effectivelyslamming the lid down on the UFO subject. But what the AirForce said privately was a different matter.?

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Chinese scientists have found a pyramid-shaped relic that local legends say was left by visitors from space. The structure is 165-198 feet tall and is on top of Mount Baigong. It has three caves with triangular openings on its front and is filled with reddish-brown pipes leading into the mountain and to a nearby salt water lake. The middle cave can still be entered, although the two smaller caves have collapsed. Remnants of the pipes are scattered over the area, along with strangely-shaped rocks. The area is hard to get to and uninhabited.
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