Most major U.S. newspapers, like The New York Times and The Washington Post, duck and run when it comes to UFOs, or use ridicule as a shield against having to deal with the subject. There are a few brave reporters around, like Leslie Kean, who managed to get a story about pilot sightings of UFOs into a group of newspapers across the country this spring.

We?ve discovered another courageous reporter who writes a column for a paper in Wisconsin Rapids called The Daily Tribune. Greg Swank was not only willing to take the subject of UFOs seriously and write about it objectively, he was courageous enough to tell about his own sighting. We wish the major national dailies would recruit some reporters like Swank.

To read his column, click here.
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Six orange UFOs were seen this week in Indonesia. A woman who identified herself as Dahhlia Bidin called the New Straits Times and said, “I am seeing them now…so are a lot of other people. It’s causing a stir. Please check with the Ipoh Airport and tell me what they are.”

Her husband, Ismail Bidin, who works for an orphanage, was one of the first to see them. “All the 38 orphans there saw the objects, so did their religious teachers and villagers from neighboring Kampung Pintu Pandang,” he said.

The UFOs appeared in a straight line and were seen for about 10 minutes before they disappeared.

A housewife called the New Straits Times to report that she and her son saw the UFOs as well, and described them as being red in color.
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From the first, the UFO question has been shrouded in secrecy. Some blame the US government for this, and that isn’t wrong. But it is also true that whatever is behind this phenomenon is also extremely secretive and careful. However, a close examination of the phenomenon reveals that there has been a slow, steady process of accumulation of experience in our culture, that has led more and more people to believe that UFOs are somehow real.

This belief, which used to mark a person as mentally suspect, is now considered perfectly acceptable and ordinary. At the same time, UFO encounters are becoming more intimate and more complex.
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There is no credible evidence that anything like a landing of UFOs is going to take place on December 7, 1998, or indeed at any other time. A lot of excitement is presently being generated about a landing occurring in Sedona, AZ, on that date. Some UFO investigators are claiming that this is the beginning of the battle for earth– and, in the process, no doubt terrifying some people. In view of the Heaven’s Gate disaster, this is obviously most irresponsible.
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