Dennis Anderson, Director of the Wagner College Planetarium and a member of the Center for UFO Studies, dug up more information about the mysterious light formation that was seen in Carteret, New Jersey in July. He began his own investigation of the lights after hearing about them on a new cast July 16.

His initial thoughts were that the witnesses were probably not familiar with the night sky. The planet Mars and the bright star Antares are currently in close proximity, and are the same orange-red color, which matched the color description that was reported. He decided to call his local paper, the Staten Island Advance, to see if they had received any UFO reports, but they hadn?t heard about the sightings.
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As of 11:57 PM EST, WGAL TV in Lancaster, PA, was reporting that a damaged area had been found in a cornfield that appeared to be related to an object that crossed northeastern US skies at approximately 6:20PM EST today.

The damaged area is in a cornfield along Route 973, west of Anthony Township. The Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection has not found any environmental problems. No debris was located, and officials theorized that a fireball had touched the surface without leaving anything behind. Further tests are scheduled today.

The object that crossed the skies was easily visible even in the light of a summer evening, and the sonic booms were tremendous.

A number of reporters observed the phenomenon.
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Scotland has recently been a hotbed of UFO activity, and a Japanese TV crew is now saying that they have taped UFOs hovering over a hotel in an area deeply connected to the Knight?s Templar, using an automatic camera. UFO activity in and around the area near Edinburgh has increased dramatically in recent years.

The Japanese crew came to Scotland after Japanese tourists observed UFOs over a golf course in the area, and persuaded a Japanese television network to investigate. The Japanse set up an automatic camera on the roof of Gullane’s Templar Lodge Hotel
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A U-shaped object has been videotaped over Lewisham, near London, in broad daylight by British UFO investigator Christopher Martin. The tape was made in excellent daylight weather conditions on July 1, 2001 and has been presented to Ian Birdsall and Russell Callaghan of the British UFO Magazine.

The object could be some kind of construction of terrestrial origin, but it certainly is not anything ordinarily seen in the skies. In this sense, it is reminiscent of the “platform UFO” taped over Salida, Colorado by Tim Edwards in 1993 and shown on television worldwide. The Edwards UFO was never explained.
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