Dozens of people in the South American country of Suriname have reported seeing a UFO near the capital. Police, military and air traffic control officials said they received reports of a brightly lit white object that flew back and forth at great speed during a two-hour period last week. There were also sightings on the southern outskirts of the capital, and most television stations showed videos of the UFO.

Air Force Officer Tony Comvalius, who also saw the UFO, says there were no planes in the area at the time and he confirmed with the weather service that it was not a weather balloon. ?I don?t know what it was,? he says, ?but was definitely not a flying object that I know.?
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UFO Wave in Norway

Police in Norway have been investigating a wave of UFO reports. Lights and craft of different sizes have been seen throughout the north of the country in recent days.

Police are searching for a UFO described by witnesses as resembling a silent helicopter. Three people say they dove for cover when they saw the low-flying, whirling object pass over them. They were sitting in a car when they saw the object flying low over the city and they thought it was going to crash into the sea when they called the police. The police haven?t found any evidence of the craft.
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For the last several years, the National Institute for Discovery Science(NIDS) in Las Vegas has been collecting historical and eyewitness accountsof sightings of triangular UFOs. “Calls regarding low-flying triangularobjects have been coming in pretty steady for the last 18 months,” says ColmKelleher, deputy administrator for NIDS. “People are describing essentiallysimilar objects in different areas of the country.”

Kelleher said that NIDS has compared its research with triangular UFOsightings recorded by the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and those ofinvestigator Larry Hatch, who currently manages one of the largest UFOdatabases in the world. By putting these 3 sets of UFO data together, NIDSwas able to plot the locations of the sighting on a map of the U.S.
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