The Chilean government has released the results of a study that has declared two sightings of aerial phenomena as "genuine unidentified flying objects."

The study, which has been conducted by the CEFAA (Committee for the Studies of Anomalous Aerial Phenomena), has analyzed two high-quality photographs of UFOS seen flying over the Collahuasi copper mine, situated high up on the Andean plateau in the far north of Chile.
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Generals, Pilots and Government officials went on the record yesterday to discuss their experiences with UFOs. A panel of expert witnesses joined the YouTube channel Truthloader via webcam, each speaking for 10 minutes before a 30 minute Q and A session.

The panel includes Leslie Kean, author of the New York Times best seller UFOs: Generals, Pilots, and Government Officials Go On the Record. She spent 10 years researching the book, which includes officially documented cases and reports by highly credentialed people from
around the world.
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A UFO flashes past at 5:58 in this edition of the Keiser Report, an economics program on the English Language RT network. The program was being taped in London on June 13. Nobody involved appears to have been aware of the object, which moved past the window at a speed that seems far higher than would be the case with a bird. It is too large to be an insect. To see it, you need to look closely at the sky in the right half of the screen between 5:58 and 5:59.  Thanks for this to a sharp-eyed reader.

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