Whitley Strieber reads from an essay he is working on about the familiar short ‘blue’ beings who are so much a part of both European folklore and the alien encounter phenomenon, and what role they may play in the stewardship of the human soul. This is the essay he was working on when Linda Moulton Howe sent him the ‘gnome’ photos, which, of course, imply that some sort of reality is unfolding that we do not understand at all, and that it seeks to intensify the questions that surround the whole mystery of our relationship with ‘others’ and their connection to reality.

Fascinating, exciting stuff!
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An ultra high strangeness event took place on Thursday involving a report received by Linda Moulton Howe, a book Whitley Strieber was writing, and one of the strangest photographs we have ever seen. The image shows a small entity about 44 inches tall. It looks like a garden gnome, complete with the familiar red conical cap. Such creatures were first describe in the historical record during the time of the Roman Empire, and the first image of one is a 2,000 year old wood carving that was found in Norway.read more