Think you’re arguing over money? Nope, you’re fighting because you ate too much fatty food for supper.

Today’s busy families often rely on fast food and take-out to keep everyone fed and on schedule. Researchers suspect that those types of food, which are often high in saturated fat, impact the body’s reaction to stress, leading to bouts of marital discord.
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Trans fats (that’s margarine!) make you more aggressive–should you switch to butter?

The emotions that have been tied to trans fats include irritability and outright aggression (hey, maybe your BOSS should switch to butter).

Science Daily reports that "dietary trans fatty acids are primarily products of hydrogenation, which makes unsaturated oils solid at room temperature. They are present at high levels in margarines, shortenings and prepared foods. Adverse health effects have been identified in lipid levels, metabolic function, insulin resistance, oxidation, inflammation, and cardiac health."
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