Two new discoveries regarding chemical ingredients that are associated with the formation of life on Titan have been announced. With its dense nitrogen, methane and ethane atmosphere, and liquid hydrocarbon seas, Titan is currently of interest to scientists looking to study an environment resembling Earth’s primordial atmosphere, and also are hopeful that the Saturnian moon’s complex chemical soup will yield evidence of extraterrestrial life.
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We don’t know if there are aliens on the moon, but we DO know that NASA has uncovered evidence of what it calls "primitive aliens" on Titan, one of Saturn’s biggest moons.

NASA concluded this after its Cassini probe analyzed the complex chemistry if the surface of Titan. But other astronomers say the moon is too cold to have liquid water and thus it can have no life.

However, NASA has also noted hydrogen gas flowing throughout Titan’s atmosphere, meaning that alien life could breathe.
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The European Space Agency’s Huygens Probe has landed onTitan and returned to earth some of the most stunning imagesever seen by man. The first staggering discovery is that,despite the fact that it is so cold that water ice would bea form of virtual stone, the environment has complex weatherand even liquid pools of a presently unidentified substance.

Planetologists believe that this will prove to be methane inliquid form. If so, then Titan probably has fluid lakes andrivers, and an active atmosphere which is based aroundentirely different elements from those that form the basisof earthly life.

There is even a group of scientists who believe that Titanmay harbor some form of life.
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