Eric Wargo is an expert on time loops – those mysterious events we call precognition, retro causation and time slips. The depth of his knowledge is astonishing, and this great show more than fulfills Dreamland’s mission of more


Starfire Tor makes some extraordinary claims. Amazingly, Whitley and Anne personally had an experience that supports her claims about time slips. So she is welcome on Dreamland with her remarkable ideas and theories

This week, we’re talking about the core matrix, timelines and timeline edits, precognitive dreams, future predictions and dark forces attack.

This show is every bit as super-heated and incredible as her previous appearances.

What happens during a timeline edit? She now understands this and explains it on this show.

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Last November, during a period of extreme stress, Starfire Tor was nearly killed by a devastating seizure. On her road to recovery, she has come to mind-opening and mind-bending new insights about the nature of evil and the hidden realities of life. Listen as she describes her journey through a dark underworld, and the discoveries she has made there, not only about the hidden truth of our fractured reality, but about what awaits us all in a future so strange and so unexpected that most of us dare not look at it.

Face turned toward the dark wind, Starfire dares.
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Shortly after recording last week’s show with Starfire Tor, Whitley and Anne Strieber had another timeslip. Even stranger, the new event was strikingly similar to one that happened to them when in the company of Starfire in 2006. Here the Striebers describe the new event, then Starfire brings her knowledge and her theories to the table to explain why it would be that a discussion of timeslips would bring on another timeslip.

This is very unusual information, a real look behind the curtain that conceals the mechanics of life in the matrix of time and reality in which we are living.
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