Despite having been downgraded from a fierce Category-5 storm to a Category-2, hurricane Dorian had stalled over the northern Bahamas for over 36 hours–extremely unusual behavior for a tropical storm–killing at least nine people and destroying tens of thousands of homes, causing “unprecedented and extensive” destruction, according to Bahamian Primeread more

A new study has confirmed that waves generated by powerful storms can move massive seaside boulders that weigh hundreds of tons, and as global warming spurs stronger and more powerful storms, this finding illustrates the sheer force that our planet’s weather will challenge us–and the shape of our coastlines–with, in the decades to come.

A new climate model generated by the University of California’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography suggests that if current warming trends continue, they could cause a failure in the circulation of the currents in the Atlantic Ocean, in turn leading to a major cooling event in the waters of the North Atlantic. This event was illustrated by Art Bell and Whitley Strieber in their 1999 book, The Coming Global Superstorm.

The world’s weather is deteriorating much more rapidly than Art Bell and I ever dreamed possible when we were writing the Coming Global Superstorm. At the same time, the media and the government continue to take a wait-and-see posture. Worse, at a time when our world and our country are going to need imaginative and effective leadership, the only people who have any chance at gaining the U.S. Presidency are far from dynamic and will crumble under the pressure that the next few years are going to bring.