The FBI has released a list of the suspected hijackers who took part in the recent terrorist attacks on the U.S. Before the attacks, these people usually lived quiet, normal lives among the rest of us, in the suburbs of the United States.

If you knew any of these people and have any information about them?especially about their friends or any organizations they may have belonged to, or if anyone suspicious has suddenly and mysteriously disappeared from your neighborhood, please contact the FBI.

If any family in your community has suddenly disappeared without explanation and are not stranded travelers, call local police and let them know that a house has suddenly gone empty.

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Yasir Arafat and the Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan have both condemned terrorist attacks on the United States. From Kabul a Taliban spokesman said that Osama bin Laden, the Saudi Dissident, “could not have been responsible for the attacks on the United States.” He said that “this could have been the act of internal enemies of the United States or its foreign rivals.”

However, Palestinian youths were celebrating in the streets in Israel, and there are strong suspicions that the conflict in the middle east is the reason for the attack. It was the most sophisticated and damaging terrorist attack in history, and must have involved the support of many skilled professionals, including pilots capable of taking over and guiding the planes to their destruction.
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