Despite vigilance on the border, illegal aliens regularly sneak into Texas from Mexico, and now Middle Eastern terrorists are starting to do it too. In a small South Texas town, an illegal immigrant aroused suspicion by asking customers about explosives that could blow up several city blocks. He was also seen taking photos of skyscrapers in nearby cities. In Corpus Christi, 30 illegal immigrants from the Middle East were found hidden inside a large ship. In Beaumont, a car that had been turned into a suicide bomb was discovered in a shopping mall.
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Anne Strieber writes in her new Diary about an important article by Richard Rorty in which he says, “I don’t think the Bush administration is filled with power-hungry crypto-fascists?But I do think the end of the rule of law could come about almost inadvertently, in both the U.S. and Europe, through the sheer momentum of the institutional changes that are likely to be made in the name of the war on terrorism.” Read why we not only need to be on guard against terrorism, we also need to remember.

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On Dreamland recently, Michael Carroll talked about Lab 257, a germ lab situated near a Long Island suburb, that may have unleashed Lyme disease and West Nile. Now we’ve learned that researchers want to open a new germ lab?in Boston! One easy way to use germs as weapons? Send them to your enemy on insects.

Lee Dye writes in that researcher Sonny Ramaswamy thinks insects could become effective weapons in the war on terrorism. A fly, or even a tiny aphid, could distribute diseases over a wide area. He says, “It wouldn’t be as spectacular as the World Trade Center, but it would be more insidious.”
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Sibel Edmonds, a former translator for the FBI who speaks Azerbaijani, Farsi, Turkish and English and has a top-secret security clearance, says the claim by Condoleezza Rice that there was no information about al-Qaeda planning airplane strikes before 911 is “an outrageous lie” because she provided that information to the government herself, a few months before the attack.

Andrew Buncombe writes in the Independent that Edmonds told this to the government panel investigating 911 during a 3-hour closed session. She told them the FBI had information in the spring and summer of 2001 that an attack using airplanes was only months away and the terrorists were in place in the U.S. The Bush administration has tried to silence her.
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