In his new journal,Whitley writes about a possible war between Iran and Israel,now that Iran may have a nuclear bomb. He says a widerMideast war is on the way, and we are not going to see itcoming, because we have lost crucial intelligence resourcesin Iran due to the loss of ‘outed’ spy Valerie Plame.

GeorgeNaruns believes that a Latvian man, John Leedskalnin, whocould be related to the man who built the Coral Castle inFlorida, may have the secret of how the huge stones werelifted. To view the images that Whitley and George discussin this week’s Dreamland subscriber interview,click here.

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Despite speculation that Osama bin-Laden may already bedead, recent tapes and videos have convinced intelligenceservices that he’s still alive. Since we now know why he’shiding (in an inaccessible mountainous area on the border ofAfghanistan and Pakistan), why don’t we just go get him? Weknow he has a deadly disease, so we may feel it’s easier towait for him to die.

Earlier reports said that Osama had bought a dialysismachine to use in his hideout. New reports say he hasperiodically gone into a hospital in Pakistan for dialysistreatment. Since no one tried to capture him there, thiscasts doubts on Pakistan’s role as our ally in the waragainst terrorism.
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Privacy International in the U.K. has given out its sixthannual Big Brother Awards, in the form of a golden statue ofa boot stomping on a head. They’re mailed out, since no onehas ever shown up to collect one in person.

Michelle Delio writes in that the awards are givenout for Worst Public Servant, Most Invasive Company, MostAppalling Project, Most Heinous Government Organization andLifetime Menace and winners are selected by a panel ofexperts consisting of lawyers, academics, consultants,journalists and civil rights activists from over 300 peopleand organizations nominated by the public.

Lloyds Bank won for telling customers they have go to theirlocal branch offices with a photo ID or have their bankaccounts frozen.
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People who are worried about terrorists sneaking over theborder into the U.S. say they successfully brought a fakeweapon of mass destruction into the country. The group wantsto show how easy it is for terrorists to sneak deadlyweapons across the Mexican border.

Mike King says, “I mean, you have people with backpacks,bottles of water and zero training coming across. I justwanted to show how easy this is for somebody with trainingto come into this country.”

Two members of the group carried a briefcase the size of a”suitcase bomb” inside a backpack into Arizona. They crosseda fence on the border separating the U.S. from Mexico, thenwent to a house in Arizona without being detected.
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