The official magazine of Russia’s Defense Ministry has published an article that described the Russian military’s use of parapsychology. The psy-soldiers trained under these programs were reportedly able to telepathically convey instructions to trained dolphins, disrupt and eavesdrop on computer systems, and read the minds of enemy combatants on anread more

If rats can do it, we should be able to do it too.

A new computer program helps humans to do it. A new video game headband allows a person to use his mind to wag at rat’s tail.

To send his command, he looks at a strobe light flickering on a computer screen, and a set of electrodes stuck to his scalp detects the activity in his brain. A computer processes and relays the electrodes’ signal to an ultrasound machine over the rat’s head, which delivers low-energy ultrasound pulses into the its brain, stimulating its motor cortex–the area that controls its movements. The pulses are aimed at area the size of a grain of rice that controls the rat’s tail. It starts to wag.
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Researchers have discovered that rats can be made to communicate telepathically across long distances. Scientists trained rats in North Carolina and Brazil to work together to solve problems in return for a drink of water. In the first experiment they had to press the correct lever corresponding to a particular indicator light–in the second they had to distinguish between wide and narrow openings.

Electrodes picked up the brain activity of the first rat and fed it over the internet into the brain of its partner, which had the same levers in its cage but received no visual cues about which one to push. The best rats received telepathic messages from their encoder partners 70% of the time.
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"Contactees" commonly report that aliens "talked to them inside their heads," meaning they communicated with them telepathically. Often these people communicate with them right back, the same way, and a whole conversation takes place inside two heads. Soon, human-to-human speech may be the same way.
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