The number of sunspots visible from earth has shot up in recent days to 339 and is still rising. This is the highest level since July of 2000. Sunspot group 9393 is one of the largest such groups seen in years, and among the largest ever seen. It’s signature delta magnetic field could release a very powerful X-class eruption.

Solar weather forecasters are estimating a 20% chance of an X-class eruption over the twelve hours from 0900 CST 03/27/01.
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The sun’s magnetic field shifted today, indicating that the solar maximum will be at its most intense over the next few months. A shift in the sun’s polarity is not an unexpected event during a solar maximum, which has occurred every eleven years since the sunspot cycle was discovered.

The sun’s magnetic north pole is now in its southern hemisphere. It was in the northern hemisphere just a few weeks ago.

The poles will remain in their current position until 2012, when they will reverse again.
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