Do the present strange sounds being heard worldwide and the booming noises Linda Moulton Howe reported on last week have anything to do with a coming crustal displacement? For our subscribers, Whitley Strieber and Rand Flem-Ath explore this and other questions about crustal displacement, magnetic pole shift and ancient calendars. This information-filled program includes provocative proof that ancient Aztec and Mayan calendars did indeed predict epochal historical events, to the more

For our subscribers, Whitley Strieber and Ralph Steiner go deeper, looking into the possible CAUSES of the strange sounds, booming noises and other phenomena we are seeing right now. Do they mean that an unknown form of instability might be emerging in our planet’s crust? Could the stories of possible shifting of the physical surface of the earth in the past be true? If so, is there any way for us to tell whether or not what we are hearing now is related, and if not, then what ELSE might be happening?
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People continue to record unexplained sounds worldwide. Linda Moulton Howe asks an expert for the real story and discovers that the answers so far put forward on the internet are essentially all incorrect. But what does a real expert have to say about these sounds? He says, "certainly someting is making those noises," but he doesn’t think, for example, that it’s solar activity. There are no known sounds caused by solar flares or coronal mass ejections.

Linda asks the question, "what if they are weapons?" She describes Project Medusa and others, raising the chilling possibility that the sounds couldread more