The assault on the Mid-West by a total of 81 tornadoes has left 8 people dead, and more may be still buried amongst wreckage.

Indiana saw 23 tornadoes and Kentucky 13, but Illinois suffered the brunt of the storm when it was struck by an incredible 43 tornadoes, leaving at least six people dead and seven counties declared disaster zones. The massive weather system rampaged through a total of 11 states including Michigan, where another two people were killed, and Wisconsin, Iowa, Missouri, Ohio, Tennessee, West Virginia, Pennsylvania and western New York were also affected.
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The storm system that developed yesterday over the midwest did not result in much damage. It has now moved east and will build again today, and there remains the possibility of tornadoes and damaging winds, including the high speed straight-line wind known as a derecho, which can move up to 80 miles and hour.

Weather conditions further west could lead to another substantial storm system forming over the center of the country this weekend.

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Rivers across Central Europe rose above flood stage as parts of Prague flooded along banks of the Vltava River. So far, two people have died in flooding in Germany and Switzerland, and two are known dead and one missing in Austria. Declining energy from the Gulf Stream is driving less and less warm water into the waters around the British Isles, leading to cold and unstable weather across the western and central parts of the continent. At the same time, cold fresh water flowing down into the North Sea from Arctic melt has intensified unusually cold spring conditions across central and northern more

Tornadoes stalked the Midwest once again last night. At least 17 twisters were reported across five states, with the greatest concentration in Oklahoma and around Oklahoma City in particular. So far, 5 people had been reported killed and 71 injured. There has been extensive property damage both from high winds and from the flooding that accompanied the storms. While tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Indiana and Illinois, Oklahoma, and Oklahoma City in particular, took the brunt of the storms.
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