After interviewing Freddy Silva for this week’s Dreamland, Whitley had further insights into his powerful encounter with Anne of two weeks ago. During that encounter, he saw her three times, each time wearing a robe of a different color: red, green, then blue. Now he knows why she wore those specific colors and why they were so vividly alive, the richest colors he has ever seen.

He fascinatingly relates this experience to a close encounter he had in a hotel room in San Francisco nearly 20 years ago, and shows how the two taken together offer a wonderful new vision of the soul.
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In the predawn hours of Tuesday and Wednesday, March 6 and 7, 2017, Whitley reports here that he had some extremely powerful contact experiences, the first with Anne on Tuesday morning and the second with "the visitors" on Wednesday. So, are the two connected, and if so, why was the surpassingly beautiful encounter with Anne on Tuesday followed by a terrifying one with the visitors the next morning? 

He feels sure that the two are connected and also that he understands the reason for the anger that was expressed by the visitors during the second encounter.

This whole series of encounters with Anne–and the visitors–is without precedent in close encounter or any other literature. Don’t miss it!
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Whitley continues to experience Anne’s presence in his life. He is slowly beginning to learn to dialog with her, and as he accepts that she is real and separate from himself, this gets more and more powerful. As he has said before, "I have accepted that there’s an afterlife." And many people respond: so have I, but I still can’t get in touch with anybody on the other side, and I want to so badly!

Anne explains why that is and how to get past those obstacles in this lovely dialogue back and forth on the bridge between the worlds.

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