An invisible force has been pulling apart one side of  the nearby Hyades star cluster, leaving the tail of the stellar group partially devoid of stars.  The astronomers who noticed the phenomenon suspect that a dark matter structure with the mass of 10 million suns is behind the mysteriousread more

The romantic notion of "stardust" has inspired authors, poets and song-writers for decades, leading to a dictionary definition that describes it as "a magical or charismatic quality or feeling."

Despite its enchanting reputation, this seemingly mystical substance is not merely confined to the imagination but is a genuine scientific term for the tiny cosmic dust grains floating through our solar system.
When Moby claimed in his 2002 song that "We Are All Made Of Stars," however, he may not have been too far from the truth, as scientific evaluations of this space dust over the past few years have yielded the surprising evidence that every atom in our bodies was once part of a star, maybe even several stars.
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William Henry interviewed Donald Brownlee on Dreamland on January 13 about Project Stardust(If you’re a subscriber you can still listen to this incredible interview). The Stardust capsule has returned to Earth after a seven year trip through space, and NASA scientists are delighted by the dust samples that came back to Earth. Some of them were large enough to be seen with the naked eye.

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