It sounds like a science fiction film, but it’s true: The Defense Department is warning us that Canadian coins are being circulated that have tiny transmitters hidden inside them.

The coins were planted on American contractors who recently traveled to Canada, but no one is saying who did it or why. China, Russia and France are all rumored to run their spy operations inside Canada?probably because it’s an easy way to spy on US.

In, Ted Bridis quotes former Canadian security officer David Harris as saying, “There are certainly a lot of mysterious aspects to this.” Does whoever is spying on American contractors expect them to keep Canadian coins in their pockets if they travel to Iraq?

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Here’s a great way to spy on your friends or take secret snaps of any celebrities you encounter?wear sunglasses with a built-in camera. Huw Robson of Hewlett Packard says, “It means you now have a wearable camera which nobody will notice and can take pictures while being involved in events.”

The camera constantly takes digital pictures of whatever you’re looking at through the glasses. It also has an off switch, in case you don’t want to record every intimate moment.

Paul Eng writes in that Deja View has invented Camwear 100, a digital video camera about an inch long that can be worn in lots of places, such as in a baseball cap. The camera sends its images to a cell phone-sized device worn on a person’s hip.
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