The QuickBird satellite is taking photographs of Mount Ararat in eastern Turkey, trying to spot the remains of Noah’s Ark. Aircraft pictures taken in the late 1940s, as well as more recent secret spy satellite shots of the area, have revealed what could be nothing more than an unusual geological formation, but it could also be the remains of the ark. Porcher Taylor, of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington, has worked for years to get the CIA to declassify satellite images and other information related to the unidentified feature on Mt. Ararat in Turkey.
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The Pentagon recently held its first war game in space and discovered we would lose.

The five-day exercise was enacted to determine how to defend U.S. satellites and destroy those of a potential enemy.This deadly serious role-playing game, set in 2017 and acted out by military men in Colorado, involved two enemycountries.

During the game, our enemy tried a capitalist preemptive strike by buying up all the commercial satellites it couldfind. Both sides tried to disable each other’s computers. They also tried hijacking opponents’ satellites and using themto broadcast propaganda.

The enemy countries were supposedly China and the U.S., but we wonder if they might not also have represented Earthfighting off an attack from another planet.
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