Dr. Mark Olson offers a phenomenal video taken in December 2004 near his home in Sonora, California. Mark is also reporting strange personal events that could involve close encounters. He describes this video this way: Fog blanketed the Motherlode for a second night. A friend, who is also a videographer, decided to take me to a location higher up in the foothills and above the fog. At a location about five miles south of Twain Harte, we pulled to the side of Longeway Road. (Twain Harte is about eight miles east of Sonora.) At 8:37 PM, as we faced west, we saw a brightly lit object over Lyons Bald Mountain. The barbell object had two lights pulsating back and forth and moving slowly upward. The object suddenly morphed into one light with a strange “field” around it.read more