Slavery isn’t dead. The Master of the Key said that in order to fulfill our desire of consumer goods, each of us has 5 slaves, and in some places, this is still literally true.

BBC news reports that a human rights group in the African country of Niger claims that there are up to 43,000 people living there as slaves, who are bought and sold for a few thousand dollars. A recent lawsuit by one of them against the government, for allowing this to go on, has brought this scandal to light. Many slaves are taken from their mothers by slave traders at around 2 years old, as soon as they are no longer breast feeding.

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As hard as it may be to believe, slavery is still going on in the world. Angela Robson reports in the Independent that it is definitely still practiced in rural villages in Africa.

Robson writes, “Trokosi is a traditional practice of slavery still seen as normal in parts of Ghana, Togo and Benin. Girls as young as two are offered to a?priest as a way of appeasing the gods for a relative’s transgression, past or present. The word trokosi comes from the Ewe words ‘tro,’ meaning deity, and ‘kosi’ meaning female slave. The tradition, which has been part of the Ewe culture for centuries, requires a girl to spend the rest of her life as a “wife of the gods.” This religion has the same origins as voo doo, which is still practiced in places like Haiti.
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