Mysterious holes are appearing across the Indiana sand dunes and nobody knows why.
What is even stranger is that the holes, which are about a foot wide and sometimes immeasurably deep, then fall in on themselves and vanish again within a day of materializing.

The local National Park Service has closed Mount Baldy indefinitely after one of the first holes swallowed up a six year old boy last July. The unfortunate child managed to escape without serious injury after remaining buried under the sand for several hours. Since then, two other holes have opened and 66 other "soft spot" anomalies have been identified across the dune.
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LOTS of them in China – Sinkholes are now turning up in China. In the last 2 months, 35 sinkholes have appeared in various parts of that country. What’s going on in our world?

The Epoch Times reports that Chinese workers discovered a sinkhole in the middle of a street in Beijing in February, and they have discovered 8 more than have suddenly formed in the past 2 weeks and many more that have turned up in the past 2 months. In China, sinkholes usually occur in areas that have been heavily mined, often on reclaimed land. These holes could be due to inferior Chinese building materials.
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