It seems that the National Security Agency (NSA) and the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ)have become extremely inventive in their unending search for personal information.

Top secret documents have revealed that Smartphone apps transmitting user details across the internet are now providing a wealth of sensitive information for spy agencies. Even games, such as the immensely popular "Angry Birds," are being used as tools to provide data.

Rovio, the maker of Angry Birds, said it had no knowledge of any NSA or GCHQ programs looking to extract data from its apps more

If you’re getting ready to fly home for Christmas, you have to ask yourself this: Are airport scans and pat downs making us safer or playing into the hands of terrorists? Are they even legal? As millions of Americans pass through security lines at the nation’s airports, many will find themselves victims of overaggressive, theatrical safety precautions that do almost nothing to protect travelers, and waste valuable resources that could better be used attempting to identify likely terrorists.
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Is this the description of a nightmare? It will be reality soon, if a new kind of scanner starts being used. You’ll step behind it, dressed normally, while X-rays bounce off you and produce a black-and-white image that reveals if you’re carrying plastic weapons or explosives?and also displays a nude image of your body.

The government wants to use the new technology at airport security checkpoints because the equipment now in use can only detect metal objects. Susan Hallowell, who is testing the equipment, says, “It does basically make you look fat and naked but you see all this stuff.”
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Imagine your entire life, including all your travels and experiences, every e-mail you’ve ever sent, every relationship you’ve ever had, book or magazine you?ve read, every phone call you’ve made or received and TV show you’ve watched, every purchase you’ve made?all of it accessible by computer! A GPS implant would allow anyone to locate you and sensors would record everything you saw or said. Biomedical monitors would keep constant tabs on your health (and set off alarms when you smoked that illicit cigarette). Sounds like a Schwarzenegger sci-fi flick? Nope, it’s your life?care of the U.S. government!
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