The news media has been calling Hurricane Sandy a ‘superstorm.’ It is not that, not yet. It is not as intense as storms that will form later in the process of climate change. We have already passed the point of no return on this issue. It is going to happen. In part, this is because the interglacial during which human population has expanded to cover the earth is ending, and in part it is because mankind does not have planetary institutions that are sufficiently robust to enable widespread agreement about this issue. So the developed country most able to reduce its CO2 emissions, the United States, has remained more

For our subscribers, we go deeper with Anne Strieber’s latest interview of a close encounter witness. Given how convincing the evidence of close encounter has become–as shown in this week’s Dreamland, for example–Anne Strieber’s witness interviews are of extraordinary importance. They offer profound insight into the meaning of the experience, and thus are a window into what is likely to be a truly incredible human future, as contact continues to spread.
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