Soon you’ll be able to print a pet, so why not print yourself a robot as well?

And once you discover a task that needs doing, it won’t take long to print a robot to do the work: Researchers want to create technology that would allow an average person to design and print a machine within 24 hours.

BBC News quotes the robot design team spokeswoman Lisa-Joy Zgorski as saying that this could have a "profound impact on society."
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No wonder you’re out of work–today’s factories are filled with robots. And in the not-so-distant future they will do even MORE than put parts together: Armies of robots will be nimbly be crawling up towers and skyscrapers to make repairs, so humans don’t have to. is opening new warehouses that will use armies of robots to find books and other items for customers. And when it comes to the dangerous job of building skyscrapers, the latest robot prototype can autonomously traverse and manipulate a 3-D truss structure, using specially designed gears and joints to assemble and disassemble the structure as it climbs.
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Could there be machines among us that we don’t even notice, because they are so human? This is the premise behind Whitley’s new novel, titled "Hybrids." How would robots communicate with humans? How would humans feel if a robot touched them (this could be important in the future, when robots perform some of the jobs, such as nursing, that humans do now. They could also be sent into Japanese power plants to analyze the damage).read more