Billy Graham, the minister who evangelized George W. Bush, was not a supporter of Martin Luther King. Now that the voters have struck a strong note against religious fundamentalism in government, this is something worth thinking about.

Using previously unpublished documents, religious studies professor Michael Long says that the popular evangelist largely opposed King’s tactics of civil disobedience. He never dreamed of or worked for a world of racial reconciliation, economic justice and peace.
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Glossolalia, otherwise referred to as “speaking in tongues,” has been around for thousands of years, and references to it can be found in the Old and New Testament. The person appears to be speaking in an incomprehensible language, yet perceives it to have great personal meaning. Now scientists are attempting to explain what actually happens to the brain of someone when this happens. Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine have discovered decreased activity in the frontal lobes, an area of the brain associated with self more

The Times of London reports that societies are much worse off when they have “God on their side.” This is because they don’t really have God on their side (which assumes that God takes sides), it’s because of the kind of POLITICIANS that claim to have God on their side, like the recently embarrassed Tom DeLay. Every cruel dictator who has ever lived has claimed to be doing the will of God and some of them probably even truly believed that they were.

Ruth Gledhill reports that fundamentalist belief is behind high murder rates, sexual promiscuity and suicide. A new study on the belief in and worship of God are not only unnecessary for a healthy society but may actually contribute to its social problems and challenges the idea that religion is necessary for morality.
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Thousands of previously illegible manuscripts containingwork by some of the greatest classical writers who everlived can be read for the first time, due to new technologywhich will reveal the secrets of the ancient world. Thefaded ink on these manuscript pages, which is invisibleunder ordinary light, comes clearly into view when placedunder an infrared light source. This is the same kind oftechnology used by NASA in satellite imaging. The authorsinclude the drama and poetry by Greek writers such asSophocles, Ovid, Euripides and Aeschylus. The manuscriptsbeing studied in this way include early versions of the NewTestament. One copying mistake that was discovered is thatthe “mark of the beast” mentioned in the book of Revelationsis actually 616, not more