Six-year-old James Leininger may be the reincarnation of a 21-year-old Navy fighter pilot who was shot down over the Pacific by the Japanese during World War II. James’ parents Andrea and Bruce say they are “probably the people least likely to have a scenario like this pop up in their lives.” So what has convinced them it’s true? James liked to play with toy planes from an early age, but by age two, they started giving him nightmares. Andrea says, “I’d wake him up and he’d be screaming [saying] “Airplane crash on fire, little man can’t get out.” In a home video when he was three, James seems to be doing a sophisticate preflight more

Is there a scientific basis for reincarnation? Indianforensic scientist Vikram Raj Singh Chauhan is trying toprove reincarnation is real. He has presented his findingsat the National Conference of Forensic Scientists in India.

Chauhan has discovered a six-year-old boy named TaranjijtSingh who says he remembers his previous life. According tohis parents, he?s been talking about this since he was twoyears old and used to run away from home. The boy knew thevillage he lived in during his former life, as well as hisand his father?s names. He knew the name of the school heattended as well. On September 10, 1992, he was riding hisbike home when he was hit by a motor scooter. He receivedhead injuries and died the next day.
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