Last April, John Hogue predicted the widening war in the Ukraine and the beginning of a new cold war. Those predictions have proved to be startlingly and frighteningly accurate, so what does he see now? And what was the "grand cross" that he discussed in April, and how has it affected our world? John is in a period of extraordinary prophetic accuracy. Don’t miss this vitally important discussion.

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Using his astrological knowledge and predictive skills, John Hogue tells–and warns–us that the next 18 months will be among the most important periods in human history, with fundamental changes taking place that will persist for generations.

What could those changes be? And can he prove any of this? He has a good record of solid predictions under his belt, but has he now gone too far. Listen–carefully–and decide for yourself!

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Last week, Gary Osborn and Scott Creighton took us on a thrilling journey into their new interpretation of this great pyramid and its relationship to the heavens. This week, they concentrate on what they believe to be the PROPHECY encoded in the Giza Plateau, and what it may mean for us now.

William Henry is in Egypt now, and hopes to examine some of the 
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