Quantum researchers have managed to simulate the reversal of time at the quantum scale, using IBM’s quantum computers. Although the effect is simulated, the implication of this experiment is that the arrow of time doesn’t necessarily have to flow in one direction, but can be reversed, allowing what once wasread more

When we buy someone a present, most of us try to get inside mind of the recipient, but thoughtful gifts–where you try to give someone what they want the most–are NOT the best bet. The giving of a thoughtful gift benefits the giver more than the person who receives it.

In the December 4th edition of the Wall Street Journal, Sumathi Reddy quotes behavioral scientist Nicholas Epley as saying, "It turns out it’s not the thought that counts, it’s the gift that counts."

So what DOES work best? Spending a lot of money isn’t important, thank goodness. It turns out that the gifts people like the most are things they have explicitly requested–so ask all your friends to MAKE A LIST! read more