The Saudi newspaper al-Watan says Christian fundamentalismis just as dangerous to international peace and security asIslamic fundamentalism. It says the international mediaconcentrates only on Muslim fundamentalism, ignoring thefact that Christian fundamentalism is just as dangerous.

The Saudi press thinks the influence of Christian extremistsin America has increased since the 911. It feels Christianfundamentalism is especially dangerous because it wants toinfluence American foreign policy to further its own interests.
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The Prayer Group will respond to the terrorist catastrophe with continuous prayer for peace. On this terrible day, we must bring into our hearts the suffering and those who have just lost their lives. We must also pray for our beautiful country, and for our leaders, who will need all of their wisdom and capability in the times to come. To participate in the Prayer Group, click here.

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The anonymous leader of the World Prayer Group has called for daily prayer that “children may have tender lives.” No doubt, the current brutalization of children being observed worldwide is the reason for this important new intention.

In Africa, children as young as ten are routinely inducted into armies and rebel groups and sent out to kill and torture. Among Moslem fundamentalists in the Middle East, children are placed in the line of fire in order that their deaths will gain headlines, and young people are counseled that they will be honored by God if they become suicide bombers.
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