A fundamental change may be taking place in the way that science views the UFO phenomenon.

For years, prominent members of the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal have issued blanket denials that UFOs were worth scientific study. The National Academy of Sciences is on record as agreeing with this posture.

Leading members of the skeptical group, such as Randall James Zwinge (the Amazing Randi) and Philip Klass, have said that there is no evidence worth considering. The ‘skeptics’ have made this a virtual mantra. It has been crucially responsible for leading science away from the study of the phenomenon, and the media into a posture of denial and ridicule.
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For the first time, a large-circulation general interest magazine in the U.S. has unequivocally stated that UFOs are real.

The May, 2001 issue of ?Popular Mechanics? contains the provocative lead story ?When UFOs Land,? which talks about the investigations by Peter Sturrock and others of physical evidence from UFO landing sites?evidence that has been suppressed and ignored by the media. Sturrock was on Dreamland last year to talk about his book ?The UFO Enigma: A New Review of the Physical Evidence.?
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