We’ve all heard about the fact that so many Catholic clergy are "in the closet." It’s hard to believe, but it’s true: The Vatican denies that this is the problem–instead, they are blaming the 60s "hippie" generation for today’s epidemic of pedophilia in priests.
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Vatican insiders have suggested that Mother Teresa ofCalcutta was actually a man. Guiseppe Calzone was born inNaples on August 26, 1910. “It was a mixup,” the Vaticanexplained. “She did not realize that she was male.” Born ofan extremely devout Catholic family, nobody, including her,ever observed her genitals, and when as a teenager sheannounced that she wished to become a nun, it was justnaturally assumed that she must be female.

A Calcutta coffinmaker observed, to his astonishment, thatthe corpse that was brought to his shop for preparation byMother Teresa

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In the year 1139, St. Malachy, an Irish bishop with a notedgift of prophecy, visited Rome and, as the result of avision, wrote a single line of description for 112 futurepopes.

The list has been strikingly accurate, and the new pope hasalso fulfilled the prophecy about him. Pope 111 (the secondto the last) is described as “Gloria Olivae,” the Glory ofthe Olive. The olive is associated with St. Benedict’s orderof Bendictines, who are also called the Olivetans. CardinalRatzinger chose the name Benedict in honor of St. Benedict,who was one of the original and most powerful evangelizersof Europe. He has dedicated his pontificate to there-evangelization of Europe.
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Rabbi Michael Lerner, editor of the world’s largestcirculation Jewish magazine, TIKKUN, and rabbi ofBeyt Tikkun Synagogue in San Francisco, took the unusual stepof criticizing the choice made by the Catholic Church for itsnew Pope, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger. Ratzinger has pressedthe elevation to sainthood of Pope Pius XII, who failed tocondemn the slaughter of Europe’s jews even though he wasconvincingly informed of it.

Ratzinger himself has gone farther than even the mostreactionary public leaders regarding homosexuality, sayingthat it should be outlawed.
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