But NOT Fox News! – In an era when ideologically based news programs are proliferating, media scholars and political observers have expressed concern that television programming may be polarizing American voters. But the increased availability of entertainment options may be a bigger problem.

Political scientist Kevin Arceneaux says, “We should be less concerned about Fox or MSNBC turning us into polarized voters and more concerned that with the fragmentation of the media, people can wall themselves off from news completely and just watch entertainment.” In other words, they can tune out–By allowing people to insulate themselves from divergent viewpoints, cable television is polarizing the mass public into opposing camps.
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Is it really a smile? – Now that so many people communicate via the internet, facial expressions aren’t scrutinized the way they used to be. But one group of people frequently appear on TV (where we can see their faces) are people who are running for office. When an election is coming up, how can we know what they’re REALLY thinking–do we need to be psychic? (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). It’s good to know that scientists are studying this, and they’ve discovered that a smile isn’t always a smile, especially when it’s on the face of a politician.
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In Whitley Strieber’s dynamic new Journal, he clearly thinks that when it comes to today’s political candidates, we’re entangled in something that stinks. He concludes: “We need smart, capable and independent candidates whose focus is on the American people, not on how to further exploit the American people, whatever ideological window dressing they may choose to put on it.” If you love Anne’s diaries and Whitley’s journals, support this site: Subscribe today!

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It’s not politics, it’s SCIENCE! – Something to think about: Happy people are supposed to be trusting people, but the OPPOSITE may be true: A new study suggests that, in some instances, people may actually be LESS trusting of others when they are in a pleasant mood.

Researcher Robert Lount says, “A person’s mood may determine how much they rely on subtle, or not so subtle, cues when evaluating whether to trust someone. I think the assumption is that if you make someone happy, they are going to be more likely to trust you. But that only works if they are already predisposed to trust you.”
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