Denver voters resoundingly rejected a proposal for the city to set up a means for residents to report UFO sightings and alien encounters. The proposal was overwhelmingly defeated, 102,776 to 20,162. The proposal’s advocate, Jeff Peckman, claims that opponents outrageously exaggerated the cost of the plan, and says that the government is already tracking UFO sightings, but is keeping the information secret. The proposals would have established a commission to track extraterrestrials and would have allowed Denver residents post their observations and sightings on Denver’s city website.

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No matter how the election turns out, it’s good to remember what we’ve been told so often: that whatever doesn’t kill us makes us stronger (but there was no scientific evidence to support for this idea–until now). A new national multi-year longitudinal study of the effects of adverse life events on mental health has found that these experiences do, in fact, appear to foster subsequent adaptability and resilience, with resulting advantages for mental health and well being.

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