We’re all familiar with the concept of parallel realities: universes much like our own, but impossibly out of reach when it comes to communicating with them—or at least so it would seem. A series of experiments has been scheduled to be run this summer to see if a mere handfulread more

I have been thinking long and hard about the close encounter experience and what it means. For some months now, I’ve been working on a new book that has caused me to re-read and re-think all of my past experiences, and to integrate some new ones. I have also come to reassess the evidence from the ground up. The reason is simple: none of the basic assumptions about close encounter work.

Do you ever wonder what would have happened if you had made a different choice, said a different thing, or turned a different corner? Would these decisions have affected your life, or even the world around you?

Do a myriad of different worlds exist where all of these possibilities play out? Where the meteor missed the earth millions of years ago leaving the dinosaurs to rule, or where Germany had won the World War?

Two Australian scientists say they’ve found evidence of a parallel universe within our own Solar System. When the Near-Shoemaker space probe landed on the Eros asteroid, scientists could see craters where it had been hit by “mirror matter.” Mirror matter is a hypothetical “reflection” of normal matter that may be necessary to keep the Universe in balance. In our world, nature has a left-right symmetry, meaning elementary particles display a preference for left over right, and scientists think a parallel universe must exist where matter works the opposite way.