The Olandar Group begins its discussion of the masterpiece of esoteric Christianity, Maurice Nicoll’s "the New Man." The book reveals the hidden meaning behind the most important parables in the Gospels, offering one of the deepest visions of these enigmatic texts ever written. Prior to the discussion of the first chapter, Whitley describes a powerful and important contact with Anne in which she introduces the startling idea that God is not a being as we think of beings at all, but something far deeper: a conscious mathematics that underlies the structure of more

This week our discussion group begins Ranier Maria Rilke’s masterpiece Love and Other Difficulties, considered by many to be among the finest books on love ever written. But what is it really about, sexual love, emotional love or objective love? The group jumps right into the politics of relationship, and Whitley gently tries to draw them into a discussion of the higher form of love that Anne calls "objective love" and identifies as the fundamental building block of reality, calling it an "explosive yearning toward being."

Next week, we go deeper into esoteric Christianity when we begin Maurice Nicoll’s brilliant study of the gospels, the New Man.


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